Seven 4-Star SLP Performer Reviews

ImageNow that many public libraries are wrapping up your Summer Library Program, it's a chance to review what worked and to think about what you'd like to do next year. To help you plan your 2014 SLP programs, I asked Winnefox member libraries to share who was their library's best Summer Library Program performer in 2013, and got these great reviews:

Puppy Dog Tales or Ruff Readers? Your Library's Read to a Dog Program

Image Reading out loud improves reading skills, and reading to a dog gives kids a chance to read to a non-judgmental listener.  For many children, it allows a rare chance to experience stress-free reading. Considering starting a "Read to a Dog" program at your library? Over at the WisPubLib discussion list, Arin C. Wilken (Mondovi PL) asked,


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