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Big Talk From Small Libraries: Free 1-Day Online Conference

ImageThe "Big Talk From Small Libraries 2016" one-day online conference is this month,  Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of how big or small the library, if your library serves a few hundred or a few thousand, this is the day for you. It's aimed at librarians from small libraries; the smaller the better. Each of the speakers will be from a small library or works directly with small libraries.

Money to Attend Conferences: Apply by Mid-June

ImageHoping to attend a workshop, conference or other library continuing education program within or outside Wisconsin? Going back to school for a master’s degree?

→ The Wisconsin Library Association Foundation supports several annual scholarships for library education (approximately $900 - $1600) and continuing education (approximately $800 - $1100) for WLA members and prospective or continuing students.

10 Webinars in 2 Days: Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference

ImageThe Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference is full of great stuff, and you don't need to drive anywhere to attend it — watch from your office, home, or on the go.

Ten one-hour sessions are scheduled over two days: Wednesday January 21 and Thursday January 22, 2015. You can attend one, five, or all ten presentations.


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