readers advisory

Readalikes Display: What to Read While You're Waiting For ...

ImageHere's a display idea that...

  • is self-serve instant-gratification readers advisory
  • increases circulation
  • can ease the "pain" customers feel while waiting on a long holds list

Oshkosh Public Library used this display of readalikes for recent bestsellers that have 30+ holds:

One-to-One Assistance by Appointment

EImagellen Pitcher, Reference Librarian at Starke County Public Library, is considering setting up appointments to provide individualized one-on-one assistance with things like setting up an email account, filing for unemployment etc., and asked the readers of Publib to offer advice (level of success, pitfalls to be aware of, etc.)

Books Teen Boys Would Read (If They Knew They Existed)

The folks at Unshelved Answers were "inundated" with requests for "Dewey's Booklist" after it was mentioned in the February 8, 2010 Unshelved comic strip. Even though the booklist didn't exist at the time, they invited readers to make one together. Go to Books Teen Boys Would Read (If They Knew They Existed) to see the titles that have been suggested, and add your own!

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