Eye-Catching Images for Facebook Posts

When you need an attention-getting mage to add to a Facebook post, consider checking the Librarian Memes group. It's a closed group, but from your Facebook account just click the +Join Group button in order to see memes, join the discussion, post, and comment.

I've been a member of the group for a while, and in my Facebook news feed on Saturday I loved seeing Berlin (WI) Public Library's post about their book sale, and scrolling down in my news feed I soon saw the same image posted only minutes before by a member of the Librarian Memes group!

Here's the description of the Librarian Memes group:

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH LIBERTARIAN MEMES This is a group for sharing all your library, school, and learning memes! Invite your friends!
Hey guys just a few rules!
1. If you like something try to comment a nice compliment
2. Keep it friendly (I know how heated us librarians can get)
3. Remember above all HAVE FUN

Share and enjoy!