Librarians of the Galaxy: Recharge!

The short film Librarians of the Galaxy is a paean to all librarians who are the unsung heroes in our communities, and had its debut during the Wednesday keynote presentation at the 2017 Wisconsin Library Association conference. Watch, and feel recharged!

Note from Grace Lim, editor, Humans of Oshkosh: I am an unabashed fan of the public library and the librarians who protect, preserve and share the wealth of information and knowledge for all. My students and I spent a day at the Oshkosh Public Library collecting HOO stories, and we know how privileged we are to have access to a public library. This week the Wisconsin Library Association held its annual conference in Baraboo, Wisconsin, and I was humbled to have been asked to be the opening keynote speaker. I shared the stories of the Humans of Oshkosh Storytelling Project and spoke on the power of storytelling. I grew up among the stacks in Ayers Branch Library in Akron, Ohio. There I explored fantastical worlds and grew a love of reading and stories in all forms. Thank you, librarians. Thank you, people who support the public library. You are truly the real-life superheroes in our midst. This fun “movie” trailer, directed by Steven Heil, debuted at the conference. Mean Ol’ Beatty O’Brien is a mash of the names of characters from two books. First one to come up with the names in the comments will get a copy of a Humans of Oshkosh book. #WLA17 #SupportPublicLibraries

The Humans of Oshkosh storytelling blog is inspired by the Humans of New York. Humans of Oshkosh is produced by students at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh who are enrolled in Grace Lim's "Telling Stories for Fun, Profit and World Peace" class.. Lim is also a contributor to the blog, which highlights the people of Oshkosh & surrounding areas and the stories they tell.

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