Bring Guest Speakers to Your Library Via the Working Lives Project

It's free to bring a ShopTalk presenter to speak at your library — you can choose from a variety of speakers who are ready to share personal stories and explore what influences work today.

Here's how it works:

  1. Pick a talk from over 40 choices
  2. Contact your chosen ShopTalk presenter
  3. Plan your event with the presenter
  4. Book it with the online form so ShopTalk can pay the presenter and publicize your event
  5. Use the ShopTalk PR kit to promote your event
  6. Tell ShopTalk how how it went

Your library may host up to two free ShopTalk events per calendar year.

ShopTalk themes:

• Working People: Life Paths – Meet a brewmaster, a TV sportscaster, an illustrator, and others. Personal stories skillfully told by our presenters illuminate different ways people experience work and invite sharing from the audience.
• Work in Context: The Big Picture – Explore the dynamic forces that have made work what it is today and consider what work might look like tomorrow. Historians and other scholars shed light on complex questions as part of open-ended conversations.
• Pulitzer Winners: Working the Story – Pulitzer Prize-winners from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel share what it’s like to report a great story. Invite them to give a talk and hear how they became reporters and photojournalists with honors.

ShopTalk is a free program of the Working Lives Project, funded by the Wisconsin Humanities Council.

Thanks to Linda Denell at the Caestecker Public Library in Green Lake, WI for suggesting this topic!