Libby, OverDrive's New One-Tap Reading App

OverDrive has begun a transition from their current app to the new Libby app. The app will be rolled out in phases:

  1. Phase 1: new users are encouraged to download the Libby app, instead of the OverDrive app.
    While OverDrive users in other states saw this change in June, the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium (WPLC) opted to push this back to August, to give us time to prepare properly to support the new app.
  2. Phase 2: this fall, existing OverDrive users will be encouraged to switch to Libby. 

If you aren't using Libby yet, it would behoove you to become acquainted with it.  Even though the app won't be pushed out to all OverDrive users until later this year, it's already available for public download. You can download Libby from the App Store for iOS, from Microsoft for Windows 10 devices, or Google Play for Android.

Documentation to help you support users of Libby:

Source: Libby Information