Construction Zone Sensory Bin for Preschoolers

Here's an idea for creating a simple construction zone sensory bin that provides "stealth programming" to fit this year's SLP theme of "Build A Better World," and helps preschool children develop fine motor skills:

Display tip: place construction-themed books near the bin, like Pete The Cat Construction Destruction and Roadwork.

To set up the construction zone sensory bin, Nicole used these low-cost supplies:

  • plastic construction vehicles
  • large plastic bin
  • pebble rocks
  • alphabet rocks

Boulders and pebble rocks were loaded into the dump trucks.
Rocks were pushed and lifted and moved.
Ramps were built with the boulders to help the trucks get where they needed to go.
Imaginative conversation was occurring too. Vehicles were chatting. Pretend workers were arguing over the work that needed to be accomplished.

Source & image credit: Simple Construction Zone Sensory Bin, Modern Preschool blog