Well-Attended Adult Programs

Over at the ALA Think Tank Facebook group, members have been sharing their library's most well-attended adult programs.  Maybe you'll see something in the list below that your patrons would love to attend at your library:

  • How to start a small business, Pet Health, Motorcycle Safety, Aromatherapy, Cleaning without Chemicals ...
  • We once had a "psychic medium" who was so popular we couldn't fit everyone in the library, we ended up having to rent a tent, causing us to grossly overspend on our program budget. We're not planning on doing that again, but... could be worth a try.
  • Homebrewing, decluttering, and hypertufa were three of my biggest successes
  • Anything game related, where they get to have fun. Oh and we just had a reptile expert come in for what was supposed to be a kid program but at least half the people were adults who just wanted to see cool animals up close.
  • Not just for adults, but we had a local Paranormal Research group come to the library. They even brought their equipment. That was popular (and they were free).
  • I had a Google re guy come out and teach people how to make the most of their Google apps. It was pretty well attended and very informative.
  • DIY Skin Care. Make stuff like foot soak, body scrub, lip balm, etc., from Pinterest recipes
  • Anything computer, especially: Windows 10; uploading photos; digital photo editing; securing your computer.
  • Cheese tasting. Whole Foods brought the cheese and educator for free!
  • I had a local folk dance group come demo and then teach the moves and then everyone danced together. English Country Dance is pretty easy for everyone to learn :-) They also had live music.
  • History/civil war stuff
  • We haven't held this program yet, but the sign up sheet has about triple the number of people who ever attend. It's called Book to Art Club.
  • Ladies Spa Night.
  • Sit and be fit. Chair exercises.
  • Local History! We used to have a department store (Hess's) that everyone in our community still loves and remembers fondly. We have had 2 programs on this and both have had insane attendance numbers!
  • I had a group of makeup artists come in and do a Halloween costume program - they are coming again this year and are adding a 3rd night were they will do a Face Off style program competing against each other!
  • Fairy garden workshops
  • Murder mystery night. and we put on a great May the Forth.
  • Harry Potter trivia night, held in a restaurant/bar. I didn't put it on, but you can bet I attended both times!
  • Crocheting upcycled grocery sacks.
  • We did a make your own bath bombs thing that was well attended.
  • Hunter education programs with dept. of natural resources.

Image source: Pixabay Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain