How to Handle Disruptive Teens

When teens in your library are behaving disruptively — anything from a group talking loudly or someone overtaking a program — are you at a loss for the best way to handle the situation?

Read Disruptive Teen Patrons: 7 Strategies to Regain Order, Authority, and Your Sanity, in which The 5 Minute Librarian shares tips that cover these situations:

  • Group too rowdy?
  • Teen breaking the rules?
  • Teens are ignoring you?
  • Issues between two teens?
  • Suspect it is a special needs issue?
  • Suggestions to avoid future behavioral problems
  • How to de-escalate any situation

Image credit: Enokson via the Libraries and Librarians group on Flickr [Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)]