Public Library Association Conference Highlights

ImageThe Public Library Association (PLA) national conference was held in Portland, Oregon March 23 - 27, 2010.  If you didn't attend, you can still get great info from the articles and blog posts from the editors of Library Journal and School Library Journal.

My favorite quotes from #PLA2010 tweets: “Your library is as friendly as your least friendly public service employee.” [source] “2 key phrases to avert difficult situations: I’m sorry that happened AND I can take care of that for you." [source]

You can get program session handouts at PLA's website; here's a sample of what you'll find there:

  • From Not to HOT: Turning Your Unknown or Mediocre Library into the Happening Place in the Community!
  • Oh, I Wish I'd Said.... (aka: Dealing with Difficult People)
  • Shortcuts to Greatness or 10 Things that Great Libraries Know and Maybe You Don't
  • Safety in Small Libraries
  • Every Voice Makes a Difference: Frontline Library Employee Advocacy
  • The Public Library as the Homeschooler's Library
  • Signature Fundraisers for Small Public Libraries

LJ & SLJ also compiled their Picks of  the Top Tweets (messages sent via Twitter) for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  You can read more tweets via this Twitter search for the #pla10 hashtag and this Twazzup mashup of tweets, photos & links.

Here are samples of what you'll find there:

Find these and others at PLA2010 Conference News.