Is Yes the Answer to 10 Questions About Teens @ Your Library?

ImageTo help you succeed at engaging teens at your library, take a look at 10 Questions to Ask about Your Teen Services at the YALSA blog of the Young Adult Library Services Association.  Here are three examples of the questions you'll find there:

  1. Do teens help you decide what you stock in the library?
  2. Are your policies framed in positive language?
  3. Are you going to where the teens are (outside of the library) to market your services?

YALSA hopes you're able to answer yes to all 10 questions, and if not, offers tips on how to turn any  "negative" answers into positives.

Image credit: Teen Foodie Friday by Lynnfield (MA) Public Library on Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Hat tip to AL Direct, 31 Jul 2015