Even More Free and Legal-to-Use Images for Your Website & Social Media

ImageWhen Ben Bizzle and Jeannie Allen created the "Library Facebook Images Dropbox" to store & share images which help libraries increase social media engagement, they didn't imagine that in only two years it would grow to a collection of over 1000 images, with more than 800 librarian members. But because shared Dropbox folders weren't the best platform for that level of collaboration, the collection now lives at a website that's easier to use.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Register for a free account at www.librarymarket.com/dropbox
  2. Bookmark the page for easy access
  3. Click on an image you want, and download it to use on your library's Facebook page, Pinterest board, flyer, website, etc.
  4. You can even upload your own images to share

Over 1000 images are arranged in categories for browsing:

  • animals
  • banned
  • book love
  • cover photos (sized 851 x 315 pixels to fit your library's Faceook page cover)
  • general
  • memes
  • quotes & musings
  • risky and risqué
  • Someecards
  • vote libraries

These images are intended strictly for non-commercial use by libraries on social media platforms.

Use it, as well as the Winnefox Website Image Gallery and other resources from the April 2015 Sparks post Free and Legal-to-Use Images for Your Website & Social Media to enhance your library's social media and marketing efforts.

Image credit: Library Facebook Images Dropbox Someecards page