Early Literacy Play & Learn Spots for Small Spaces

Even if your library doesn't have much space to add a new project area, you can get some great ideas for adding a "stealth programming" early literacy station by reading Play & Learn Spots in a Small Library.

Amy Larson, Youth Services Assistant Librarian at Sauk City Public Library, writes in her GWR guest post:

  • My vision to create several interactive experiences that encourage early literacy skill-building through reading, writing, singing, talking, and playing ...
  • I wanted the activities to fit in our small space; change seasonally; have durability; be eye-catching, safe, and cost-effective; and have flexibility to be used with a range of ages.
  • ... created “Caregiver Cove,” a resource area where I can display pertinent information for caregivers such as storytime and 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten flyers, Growing Wisconsin Readers brochures, the YSS Early Literacy Calendar, and lists of recommended titles.
  • At any given time I have about seven different activities scattered throughout the children’s area.
  • So far the Play & Learn Spots have been a success. Caregivers, kids, and my director enjoy the new space. The staff has noticed that families spend more time in the children’s area on average than before the early literacy area.

Get details on how Amy planned for success by reading her post Play & Learn Spots in a Small Library and checking her Pinterest board where she collects her activity ideas.

Source: Growing Wisconsin Readers, the official blog for librarians and early childhood advocates promoting Growing Wisconsin Readers
Image credit: Amy Larson