Your Library's Amazon Wish List: How to Start One or Enhance the One You've Got

ImageDoes your library have an Amazon Wish List?  It's an easy way for people to add to your library's collection!

Here's help for setting up an Amazon Wish List for your library:

You can even add items to your Wish List from any website; here's how to add the Amazon Universal Wish List Button to your web browser:

  1. Follow the easy directions at the Amazon Universal Wish List Button page to add the button to your web browser
  2. Then go to any online store, and when you see something you want, click the "Add to Wish List" button in your Bookmark Toolbar.

Then let people know about your Wish List with Facebook posts, tweets, and Pins — and use the #WishListWednesday hashtag!

Once you add an item to your Wish List, enhance it with info why the item would enhance your library and your customers.  The article An Unexpected Nonprofit Fundraising Story by Debra Askanase tells the story of how The Center for Great Apes uses their Wish List to "hit on a brilliant merge of fundraising and storytelling" that has "all the elements of a great fundraising appeal":

  • A specific ask (Quantity needed: 10. Has: 1.)
  • Clear statement of benefit (“The orangutans are partial to Fruit Punch Gatorade. It helps keep them cool in the summer, especially when it is frozen in a boomer ball.”)
  • Connection to the organization (Center for Great Apes intro is at the top of the wish list.)
  • Sharing a personal story (“Murray and his group love ‘blue​’ Gatorade, especially in the hot summer months.“)

Debra goes on to note that The Center for Great Apes follows up on donations with posts on their Facebook page of "small moment stories" and photos to share how apes use their new gifts, as a way to thank donors and "continue to personally connect donors with the organization after a gift has been made."

You could also register to receive donations through the Amazon Smile program where Amazon donates a portion of an item's purchase price to your Friends of the Library group.  Here's the Friends Of The Muehl Public Library's Amazon Smile page as a sample.

If you'd like to view some libraries' Wish Lists, here are some examples:

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