Your Patrons Will Appreciate This: 6 Tips to Avoid Overdues

you can get this book bag at Café PressWe all know library patrons who have trouble returning library materials by the due date. Here are 2 of the 6 tips you could share with customers — via your website, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook page — to stop the overdue cycle and help get materials back on time:

1. Designate a special library bag. We have a specific bag that we always use for the library. It's big and bright and you can't miss it. Phee can go dig it out of the closet herself. When we're finished with a particular book, sometimes it goes right back into the bag for the next trip. If you always use the same bag, then any family member going to the library will know what to take. No more books left behind!

Hmmm...does your library or Friends group sell tote bags decorated your library's logo?  If so, you could set up a "point of purchase" display at your circulation desk to make it easy for patrons to buy one with this use in mind!  You could market them as "Make it Easy to Return Your Books on Time" bags.  :-)

3. Set a due date reminder on your phone/calendar. I'm terrible at this. I even get emails reminders that books will be due in a couple days and I still can't get them returned on time. I make it a point to enter the due date and set a reminder in my phone as soon as we get to the car. You could also make a big note on your paper calendar. Whatever it takes so that you see, and heed, the reminder!

To get the rest of the 6 tips, read Helen's post at her Life in Random Bits blog.

• Hat tip to Kimberly-Little Chute Public Library who shared the blog post on their Facebook page
• You can buy or design your own "Library Books" tote bag like the one in the photo at Café Press