Readalikes Display: What to Read While You're Waiting For ...

ImageHere's a display idea that...

  • is self-serve instant-gratification readers advisory
  • increases circulation
  • can ease the "pain" customers feel while waiting on a long holds list

Oshkosh Public Library used this display of readalikes for recent bestsellers that have 30+ holds:


They created a list of titles to re-stock the display as books get checked out, and they're happy to share the list with you.  It's a Word document, so you can edit and adapt it to use at your library.

Tip: if you promote these readalikes on your library's website, make sure to turn each title into a link to the item's bibliographic record in the catalog. And consider creating some Pinterest boards of readalikes, like this one by Salt Lake County Library.

You can see what the Seattle Public Library does with this idea at Movie Mondays: While you’re waiting… and What to Read While Waiting for A Game of Thrones.