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Innovation in Libraries Awesome Foundation Grant Awards $1000 Every Month

Each month, Library Pipeline’s Innovation Committee will give $1000 to a project that suggests creative solutions, proposes a new way of thinking about library services, and supports underserved and diverse communities.

The Innovation in Libraries Awesome Foundation chapter accepts grant proposals for both technical and non-technical library innovations that embody the principles of diversity, inclusivity, creativity, and risk-taking. For more information, visit the Awesome Foundation website or check out our funding criteria. To apply, submit your application on the Awesome Foundation website.

Grant applications are due by the 15th of each month, with awardees announced by the 1st of the following month.

If you have an awesome library project that fits within their criteria, they want your application!

"Award recipients will be asked to report back publicly on what worked, what didn’t, and what they learned – as well as to make the results of their efforts openly available to others to reuse in communities across the world."

Library Pipeline launches grassroots funding effort to support innovation in libraries
Innovation in Libraries Grant
Innovation in Libraries

hat tip: Merrilee Proffitt's tweet

photo credit: Kevin Jarrett via Flickr (Creative Commons licence Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic)


SLP Activities Ideas

The Collaborative Summer Library Program has three Pinterest boards full of ideas for your library's early literacy, children's, teen, and adult summer reading program activities on the theme of Build a Better World.

  • Children's and Early Literacy
    • you'll find ideas like a LEGO Duplo and Pool Noodle Marble Run; how to Design a Paper Plate Marble Maze; and Five Engineering Challenges with Clothespins, Binder Clips, and Craft Sticks
  • Teens and Tweens
    • you'll find ideas like Simple Stained Glass for Beginners; a No Sew Tie Fleece Quilt Blanket; and how to Turn a T-Shirt into a Tote Bag Without Sewing
  • Adults
    • you'll find ideas like Police Officer Appreciation bags; Paper Flower Bouquets; and Art in a Jar

And Marge Loch-Wouters has a Pinterest board with some more great SLP 2017 ideas, too.

Photo credit: Washington State Library via Flickr (Creative Commons licence Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic)


Collection Development Webinars This Spring & Fall

Take an hour or two to learn about improving your library's collection, weeding materials, making the most of your book budget by choosing wisely, and letting others know how great your collection is by attending any or all of the webinars in this 5-part Collection Development webinar series.

Register for one, all five, or anything in between!  You can attend these webinars from your library, home, or on the go. If you aren't available to participate in a live webinar, each session will be archived and available for viewing afterwards.

Making a Collection Count
April 19, 10 - 11 am
We will discuss collection development policies that balance popular with well-rounded content, reflect diversity and inclusion, and provide methods for dealing with (and avoiding) challenges. This session talks about how to measure a collection's quality. This includes the benefits and methods of taking a physical inventory, analyzing collection procedures and workflows, and the life cycle of a collection. Our holistic approach to collection management will help all types and sizes of libraries to keep pace with the demands and expectations of their communities. 
Presenters: Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly
Continuing education contact hours: 1
Register here

Adult Selection Tools
May 12, 1 - 2 pm
Learn some tips and tools for keeping on top of selection, including a focus on nonfiction, non-traditional resources, and how to make things work in a small library. 
Presenters: Sarah Statz Cords, Michael Nitz, and Elizabeth Timmins
Continuing education contact hours: 1
Register here

Tips for Building a Well-Rounded Collection for Youth
September 7, 1 -2 pm
How do you keep on top of the avalanche of materials being produced for kids and teens? How can you make sure you are finding the best materials for your collection and your community? Collection budgets are rarely as big as we want them to be, so how can you make the best use of resources? And what about the salespeople? Join Shelly and Sue for a lively discussion of the tips and tools they recommend. 
Presenters: Sue Abrahamson and Shelly Collins Fuerbringer
Continuing education contact hours: 1
Register here

Data-Informed Collection Development
October 26, 10 - 11 am
Do you like language and stories far more than numbers and statistics? Do your feel like data is dull and uninspiring? Get ready to change your thinking and begin uncovering the clues that data can reveal for you! Join us for an exploration of Data-Informed Collection Development. (It is so much more exciting than it sounds…) It’s NOT about fancy data collection tools, it IS about using the basic data you have access to help you make informed decisions when developing and maintaining your collection. It’s about interpreting your data, rather than just blindly following the numbers. It’s about discovering correlations and connections that drive planning and decision-making.
Presenter: Shanneon Grant
Continuing education contact hours: 1
Register here

Promoting Your Collection:  Merchandising and More
November 3, 10 – 11:30 am
Collections are the mainstays of libraries. After spending lots of money and time curating, processing, and making them available, you may think the work is done. But there’s one more vital step — promoting them! This final webinar of our series will help you go beyond basic book displays and posters. You’ll hear about using book talks and shelf-talkers, and will learn ways to publicize your collections outside of your buildings. This webinar will focus most on merchandising — what it really is, and how to do it effectively enough to boost your circulation. It will feature many colorful photos of great signage and merchandising from libraries around the world to get your creative ideas flowing. 
Presenter: Kathy Dempsey
Continuing education contact hours: 1.5
Register here

This webinar series is sponsored by Indianhead Federated Library System, Lakeshores Library System, Manitowoc-Calumet Library System, Nicolet Federated Library System, Northern Waters Library Service, Outagamie Waupaca Library System, South Central Library System, Southwest Wisconsin Library System, Winding Rivers Library System, Wisconsin Valley Library Service, and Winnefox Library System.

photo credit: Curtis Cronn via Flickr, Creative Commons license Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Free Webinars in April

ImagePlan to attend these free webinars; all you need is your computer & speakers or headphones (no microphone needed.) If you attend a live webinar, it may be counted as a Category B continuing education activity towards renewing librarian certification.

Webinars with a ★ are the ones I think you'll find most useful.


Free Graphics for Displays & Posters: Libraries Are For Everyone

Rebecca McCorkindale (assistant director at Gretna Public Library in Nebraska) has designed a set of "Libraries Are For Everyone" images that she invites us to download and use freely! 

You can use them to create displays of books on empathy & being a good neighbor, print posters, and post on Facebook & your website to spread the word that your library is an inclusive place.

The images have been translated into 47 languages, including Spanish, Hmong, and even Klingon!

Libraries are the heart of a community, for anyone and everyone that lives there, regardless of their background

The images are under a Creative Commons Attribute/Share Alike license, and Rebecca says, "... I both want and encourage everyone to download, share, modify, and have fun with my work!"

Libraries Are For Everyone
Libraries Are For Everyone: An Epic Correction
Libraries Are For Everyone: Epic Rainbow
Why these librarians are protesting Trump’s executive orders, PBS Newshour: Art Beat

Construction Zone Sensory Bin for Preschoolers

Here's an idea for creating a simple construction zone sensory bin that provides "stealth programming" to fit this year's SLP theme of "Build A Better World," and helps preschool children develop fine motor skills:

Display tip: place construction-themed books near the bin, like Pete The Cat Construction Destruction and Roadwork.

To set up the construction zone sensory bin, Nicole used these low-cost supplies:

  • plastic construction vehicles
  • large plastic bin
  • pebble rocks
  • alphabet rocks

Boulders and pebble rocks were loaded into the dump trucks.
Rocks were pushed and lifted and moved.
Ramps were built with the boulders to help the trucks get where they needed to go.
Imaginative conversation was occurring too. Vehicles were chatting. Pretend workers were arguing over the work that needed to be accomplished.

Source & image credit: Simple Construction Zone Sensory Bin, Modern Preschool blog

7 Grants You Can Apply for this Spring

Here are grants for which your library can apply; they're arranged by the soonest application deadlines first:

NASA@ My Library STEM Initiative

75 public libraries will be selected to become NASA@ My Library Partners and participate in the 18-month project, with the opportunity to extend for an additional two-year period.
"Public libraries serving rural and geographically isolated communities, as well as those conducting outreach to other groups underrepresented in STEM fields, are especially encouraged to apply."
Award: two NASA STEM Facilitation Kits (total value: $750); a tablet computer; a $500 programming stipend; a $800 stipend for travel costs for the orientation workshop
Deadline for applying: March 22, 2017
Overview, Guidelines, and Application form

► Ezra Jack Keats Foundation Mini-Grant

Grants are awarded to libraries and public schools to implement a proposed program that bridges disciplines and grade levels from preschool to 12th.
Award amount: up to $500
Deadline for applying: 10:59pm CST on March 31, 2017
Guidelines and Application form

► Literacy Grants for Libraries

Better World Books is looking for libraries with “game changing” ideas which help advance a compelling literacy project.
Award amount: up to $15,000
Deadline for applying: 3pm CST on March 31, 2017
Grant details
Application form

► Activating Community Opportunities Using Libraries/Museums as Assets

“This special initiative responds to the readiness of many libraries, archives, and museums to develop models for co-creating, deepening, and sustaining broad-based efforts to engage and serve a local community."
Award amounts: $25,000 to $150,000
Deadline for applying: April 3, 2017
Details and recorded webinars

► EBSCO Solar

EBSCO will fund two $100,000 grants to libraries looking to transition to solar power.
Award amounts: two $100,000 grants
Deadline for applying: April 28, 2017
Details and Application form

Rural Public Library Grant: Children’s Book Project Program

To qualify for the grant, libraries must be located in a rural area, have a limited operating budget, have an active children’s department, and raise $200-$400 through a local sponsor. Libraries with total operating budgets of less than $50,000 will receive funding priority. A rural community is typically more than 25 miles from an urban area (population over 50,000) and not a part of a metropolitan area.
A librarian from the library awarded a grant through the Children’s Book Project Program will receive a booklist from which to select books for the library. The booklist is divided into two groups based on recommended age and grade levels. Books in Group 1 are for emergent and beginning readers (birth to age 7; preschool to grade 2). Books in Group 2 are for middle and intermediate readers (ages 7 to 12; grades 2 to 6).
Award amount: up to $1200 worth (at retail value) of new, quality, hardcover children’s books
Deadline for applying, May 1, 2017
Application form: choose the fillable Adobe Acrobat PDF or the Microsoft Word document.

Baker & Taylor Awards for Friends Groups and Library Foundations

The Baker & Taylor Awards recognize Friends groups and library Foundations for outstanding efforts to support their library.
Award amount: $1000
Deadline for applying: May 1, 2017.
Details and Application form

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