A Great Idea for Facebook Posts

ImageDid you know that 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising?  It's something called Word of Mouth Marketing, and it's about "harnessing the power of people to build brand awareness." [source: WOMMApedia] The Princeton (WI) Public Library does a great job of putting the power of Word of Mouth Marketing into action with their "From Our Shelves, Your Picks" series of Facebook posts.  Each post is a photo of a smiling customer and the customer's story in his/her own words, plus a note from staff that's a "plug" for a service the library provides.  These stories are all the more engaging because people who live in Princeton get Readers Advisory and advice from people they know & trust — their friends and neighbors. Here's a selection of the library's "From Our Shelves, Your Picks" series:

  • Alex' Picks: "I'm living in my first apartment--no more cable or net flix paid for by Mom & Dad--it's great to check out DVD's for a week for free. I'm a big fan of the Chuck and Big Bang tv series!" Visit www.princetonpublib.org to browse and place reserves on our holdings and those of nearly 30 other libraries!
  • Toni's Picks: "Usually, I load up on audiobooks--c.d's and Playaways--but today I've raided the used book sale in the front entry. I'll take these on my trip to Belize to meet my new grandchild! At 50 cents apiece, I won't have to worry about losing them and I'll leave them with my daughter who doesn't have access to the wonderful libraries we do around here!" Safe miles and congratulations, Toni.
  • Lex's Pick: "I love all of Steve Berry's novels. They're contemporary thrillers fueled and shaped by some important historic event. You've got great plot! And you gotta love Berry's main character, Cotton Malone. I have a hard time waiting between Berry's books." Lex is also counting the days until Daniel Silva's new release in July: The English Girl. www.princetonpublib.org to browse our collection and place reserves.
  • Paige's Pick: "I'm just grabbing a fun read and the movie--loved the book, hope the movie is as good!" www.princetonpublib.org to reserve these titles or browse our collection.
  • Elijah's Picks: "I love music! I go on-line, order a bunch of c.d.'s, get an e-mail that they're in, and then stop by the library to pick them up." Let the tunes begin! Visit www.princetonpublib.org to browse the combined catalog of 29 libraries and reserve away.
  • Bob's Pick: "I'm grabbing a handful of DVD's for the week. I always find something from the library's collection and the sweethearts at the counter also order them in for me from other libraries. I thank my daughter, smart lady, who told me about all the great services here at the library."
  • Dick's Picks: "This is our movie for the weekend that I'm picking up. My wife and I love your DVD selection and it's great that we can check them out for a week absolutely free."
  • Donna's Pick: My husband and I do an annual hike/back pack adventure out west. This book looks like it should have some good recommendations to help us plan our next trip. www.princetonpublib.org to browse our collection or place a reserve on Classic Hikes of North America.
  • Pernel's Picks: "I'm a regular visitor to use the library's free & high speed Wi-Fi. I like that I can check materials out at one library and return them at another library in the Winnefox System. It's a great convenience."
  • Bob's Picks: "What do I recommend? Great deals from your on-going used book sale, for one thing! Internet access, movies you can check out for a week for free, lots of great nonfiction. What's not to recommend!" Thanks for the words of praise, Bob, and also for all your help. (Bob's a library volunteers who's done everything from a series of wine tastings to hanging art displays!)
  • Jordan's Picks: Python For Kids, a programming manual/how-to geared for younger folks. By the way, this title was purchased because of a patron's suggestion. If you have a title or author you don't see on our shelves or in the catalog, please just ask us or fill out a request form. We'll do our best.
  • Wayne's Picks: "I stop by the library 3 or 4 times a week to stay informed. I browse through the newspapers and use their free hi speed Internet for getting the facts on everything from local fishing reports to weather updates."
  • Catherine & Charlie's Picks: "We browse the large print collection." Catherine's faves are Christian fiction; Charlie's a big fan of westerns, especially by William Johnston. www.princetonpublib.org to browse our collection and place reserves.
  • Ray's Pick: "I love movies, catching up on tv series. Checking them out from the library saves me lots of money." www.princetonpublib.org to reserve these titles and browse our collection.
  • Ann's Picks: "I love mysteries and whodunits, books with plenty for our hero to solve." Visit www.princetonpublib.org to browse Princeton's titles, as well as those of nearly 30 other libraries. p.s. Between watering flowers for the Princeton Senior Center & Historical Society site and reading murder mysteries, Ann does a lot of baking and she shares! Nary a crumb of these lemon bars remain, but here's a link to their two-ingredient recipe: http://rachelschultz.com/2012/09/23/two-ingredient-lemon-bars/ (p.s. Ann made hers using 2 cans lemon pie filling--a variation on the theme.)

P.S.  I used Ann's recipe for lemon bars, and they were a hit. 

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