Rx for RA: Read Two and Call Me in the Morning

ImageMake your Readers Advisory service a prescription for good reading! Andy Woodworth posted over at the ALA Think Tank, "A library member brought this to me this morning. She told me she needed this book 'under doctor's orders." Andy followed up with "Also, here's an idea to steal: the library makes up its own mock prescription pads for writing down call numbers or handing out as part of reader's advisory." What a great idea!


Others chimed into the thread with more ideas:

  • Patrick Sweeney: We actually have an arrangement with the local children's hospital to write prescriptions for reading for new mothers.
  • Heather Dalal: We didn't have a mock Rx pad but we did have sheets printed with all of our names on it and I would often circle the same of the subject specialist so the student knew who to contact and drew a smiley next to my name so they knew who they talked to in case they prefer to contact a friendly face instead of a new person.
  • Jessamyn West: I have a mock prescription pad like that "From the desk of the librarian..."
  • Jamie Peacock: The National Library of Medicine has had Information RX materials for doctors for quite a while. I'm looking at a InfoRX sticky pad right now: http://informationrx.org/ The materials are free, btw.
  • David Wright: We found a pad of these - "The Librarian Prescribes" from the Seattle U.S. Naval Hospital library back in the '40s - when cleaning out the sub-basement of the last Central Library before it was demolished, and I had a bunch of new ones made, & still use them from time to time. Much more room on them than those ubiquitous little slips we have sitting around, since I'll usually scrawl down several titles.
  • Rochelle Hartman: We had a pediatrician who would recommend books for my daughters on her script pad.
  • Meg Schiebel: In Wisconsin there are some hospitals that give "prescriptions to books" at early pediatrician visits!
  • Carolyn Caywood: Take two and stay up all night

Source: Andy Woodworth's post A library member brought this to me this morning. She told me she needed this book "under doctor's orders" at the ALA Think Tank Facebook group