Roaming Readers: A Walking, Book-Talking Club

ImageCampbellsport Public Library and Ripon Public Library added a twist to regular book clubs.  Campbellsport calls it The Roaming Readers Walking Club and Ripon calls theirs Roaming Readers - The Walking, Book-Talking Club — consider starting one at your library too! Here's how Campbellsport describes their program:

Walkers of all ages and abilities are invited to meet at the Library every Friday morning at 8am to go on a 30 minute walk around the village. The American Heart Association confirms that regularly walking briskly for 30 minutes has unlimited health benefits.  They claim if you walk with others it can keep you motivated, improve your accountability and help you meet new people with similar goals. See their website at for a full list of advantages of walking with others. Participants of this program will be asked to sign a waver of liability. This program will begin Friday, April 5th. It is a free drop-in program. The Campbellsport Public Library's walking club meets at the public library at 8:30 am. We walk for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Join us for a walk and conversation. We have a great time! Consider joining us. This is a free drop in program. If the rain does not stop in time for the walking club meeting tomorrow, walkers are still invited to the the library to walk the stairs!

And here's what Ripon's program is like:

What awful weather for our inaugural event for Roaming Readers this morning!  What is Roaming Readers you ask? It's a new walking club that meets on Friday mornings at 8:30 A.M. Walk & talk with others about your past, present & future reads during a brisk morning walk on the Northwestern trail. Trailhead originates in the library parking lot. Come rain or shine! Indoor walking available for rain days. We hope to see you next week!!


Photo credit: Carsten ten Brink via Flickr