Puppy Dog Tales or Ruff Readers? Your Library's Read to a Dog Program

Image Reading out loud improves reading skills, and reading to a dog gives kids a chance to read to a non-judgmental listener.  For many children, it allows a rare chance to experience stress-free reading. Considering starting a "Read to a Dog" program at your library? Over at the WisPubLib discussion list, Arin C. Wilken (Mondovi PL) asked,

Any of the smaller libraries out there ever run a "Read to a Dog Program"?  How do you run your program and what kinds of legal and administrative things need to be considered before undertaking something like this?

You can read all the tips and advice he got, to help you set up one of your own. Or already have  one, but want to re-brand it with a new name? Over at the ALA Think Tank Facebook group, Marge Loch-Wouters (La Crosse PL, and Menasha PL alumnus) asked,

Hey, libraries that have a 'read to a dog' program with kids...what do you call your program? We feel meh about our "Read-to-Rover" title and want something more fun.

Here are the ideas she got, that you might consider "borrowing" for your library as well:

  • ARF (Animal Reading Friends)
  • Bow Wow Reading
  • Dog Tale Time
  • Doggy Tales
  • Outside of a Dog: A Well-Lit Place for Kids to Read
  • Paw Pals
  • Paws for Reading
  • Paws for Tales
  • Paws to Read: Love on a Leash
  • Pawsitive Reading Partners
  • Puppy Dog Tales
  • Puppy Tales
  • R.E.A.D (Reading Education Assistance Dogs)
  • Read With the Welcome Waggers
  • Reading Buddies
  • Reading with Rover
  • Ruff Readers
  • Ruff Ruff Read
  • Sit, Stay, Read
  • Tail Waggin' Tutors
  • Tale Waggers: Read to a Dog
  • Tales to Tails
  • Wags & Tales: Read to a Dog


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