20 Tips for Better Book Displays

Image In her latest column in NoveList’s newsletter RA News, Susan Brown offers 20 tips for creating good book displays. Here's a sample:

  • Displays should be popular. While a fair amount of time might be spent filling a display fixture, the ultimate goal is for that fixture to be empty. If, after a day or so, the same books are still on the display unit, consider a new topic.
  • Promote "hidden" collections. One of the most popular displays I ever developed featured National Geographic DVDs. These were "hidden" in our collection, inter-filed with books...
  • You want them to check display items out, so make it clear that they can.
  • Let your community inspire your displays.
  • Have fun! Displays should be fun, both for you to create and for your customers to browse.

Collect them all!  Get the rest of the tips + details at Twenty Rules for Better Book Displays.