Set a Goal to STEAM in 2013

ImageAre you including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in your library programs?  Now I've heard of another  education initiative called STEAM that incorporates the Arts into STEM too.

Amy Koester at the Show Me Librarian blog sez:

I want librarians to resolve to STEAM in 2013, and I've added a new page to this blog — All Things STEAM — to help you do so. Visit the page for some ideas, then set a goal of integrating STEAM into your programming calendar. Maybe that means including a non-fiction title in every story time; maybe it means adding more of a building/engineering slant to your craft programs. Maybe it means you offer a full-blown STEAM program once a quarter, or once a month. Set a goal to STEAM in 2013.

Go to All Things STEAM to find Amy's program ideas & how-tos, and links to the go-to resources she uses for inspiration!  And I totally <3 her preschool program "Strength and Materials with the Three Little Pigs." 


photo source: I F***ing Love Science on Facebook