Driving Kids to Read

ImageDriving Kids to Read: Southern Door Bus Drivers on Board With Books — what a great story!  Could you work with your local bus drivers to see if you could replicate this in your community?

But if not, maybe you could send your extra children's books to Ted to add to his bus!

Here are some excerpts from the article:

  • When Southern Door Schools bus driver Ted Chaudoir decided to clean out the books in his daughter's old bedroom, he had no idea what kind of impact it would have. Chaudoir brought the box of his daughter's children's books, containing nearly 80 titles, on the bus last spring largely as an attempt at crowd control.
  • By May, nearly all of the books were gone. "I came to Missy Bousley [Southern Door's reading specialist], and I said 'I got this thing on the bus – and it seems to be working – and I need books,'" says Chaudoir.
  • "She almost spontaneously combusted in front of me." "I had no idea it would have the effect it would have at all," says Bousley. "It's absolutely incredible to see it."
  • So far, six of Southern Door's 16 bus drivers are on board with putting books on their buses.
  • "When a high schooler will sit with a young one and read to them it really benefits both of them. The older child realizes the fact that they're really appreciated, and the kids love the fact an older kid will read to them."

Source: Driving Kids to Read by Matt Ledger, Peninsula Pulse, 12 Oct 2012