Communicate the Value of Your Library: Create an Infographic

ImageStatistics, numbers, data... they're important info to convey to a library's customers, trustees, and the public.  But how can you communicate the value of your library if those reports look dry and daunting?

Try this: create an infographic (a.k.a. information graphic) to make a visually-appealing & easily-comprehended way to get your message across. People like to view images rather than just plain text.  You know the old saying — "A picture paints a thousand words."


  • are visual presentations of information that use the elements of design to display content
  • blend images and words to create an informative story
  • communicate complex data quickly and clearly
  • compress and display information in a visually pleasing way
  • put data into a format that's easy to understand

To get inspired, look at these great infographics:

Create your own infographics with these free tools:

  • Piktochart — customize one of the 5 free templates by adding shapes, graphics & text with drag & drop; customize the fonts & color scheme to suit your taste; then save the image in .png format to share anywhere
  • — choose a template; add text, edit a chart, add a picture; then share it on your Facebook page or grab the code to embed it on your website
  • — pick a theme; drag & drop objects or upload your own; then copy & paste the link to point to or grab the embed code to add to your website
  • — another free tool where you choose & edit a template, but you must connect to either your Facebook or Twitter account to authorize the Create app
  • The DIY Guide To Infographics — walks you through choosing an idea to illustrate and deciding how to visualize the data
  • A Few Rules for Making Homemade Infographics — 6 tips for infographics success

And if you want to print a loooong infographic, I suggest using the free Block Posters service. Sources: