12 Ideas for Creative Computer Classes @ Your Library

ImageJennifer Bowman of Grafton-Midview (OH) Public Library recently asked the collective wisdom of the PubLib online discussion group for ideas "beyond the basic computer classes".  A lot of folks replied with examples of tech classes that have been successful at their libraries, and here are a dozen of those ideas for you to consider trying at your library:

  • In October/Nov we are going to offer a how to make a fantastic Christmas letter - teach people how to paste photos into Word, create boxes for captions.  That kind of stuff.
  • Our instructors have done sessions on making calendars (the month by month type with photos.)
  • We also taught EBay, digital photography, office productivity (mostly Word and Excel), email, searching (at multiple levels) and computer basics. The advanced searching classes sometimes were themed (travel, genealogy, etc.)
  • Internet irritants: spam, viruses, popups.
  • How to edit photos with free or cheap software, i.e., software with camera, Picasa, Photoshop Elements.
  • How to make church bulletins and flyers in Word (lots of people don't have publisher)
  • how to write Christmas letters with fancy fonts, adding pictures, where to find free clip art and photos on Web, use mail merge to receiver's names, etc.
  • Open Office [http://www.openoffice.org/why/]
  • Using computers to create interesting scrapbooking pages
  • Making family-wide or company-wide Google calendars, where each person makes their own personal calendar, but everyone can see everyone else's personal calendar.
  • Where to find free eBooks -- http://ebooksinlibraries.blogspot.com/2012/04/finding-free-and-cheap-ebooks.html
  • Where to find free audiobooks: Librivox