Plan Ahead: August is American Artist Appreciation Month

Image After the Summer Library Program winds down, use these libraries' ideas as inspiration for ways your library can celebrate American Artist Appreciation Month in August.

Use it as an opportunity to display the wonderful art books that are on your library's shelves! You can also offer art-related programs for both children and adults.

And don't limit your scope to just paintings — include quilts, folk art, crafts.  And don't forget to showcase and/or invite local artists to display their works at your library!

Here are projects created by other libraries you can use as inspiration:

  • The Northbrook Public Library teamed with its local YMCA’s visual arts program for children to display the children’s paintings, drawings, and ceramics. The exhibition kicked off with an opening reception with refreshments.
  • The West Dade Regional Library is partnering with ArtCenter/South Florida and the Florida Center for the Literary Arts for a children’s storytime that also allows children to create their own illustrated books.
  • DeLand Area Public Library has an ongoing monthly program for elementary school children sponsored by the Museum of Florida Art.
  • The Atwood-Hammond Public Library District hosted a Listening Doll art program for children in grade four through six. Children found out about the oral traditions of Native American Pueblo communities and how small figures of people or animals were used to help tell stories. The children also created their own listening dolls from clay and fabrics.

You can use these resources to help you choose artists to showcase, and find activities you can plan for your library:

Source: American Artist Appreciation Month, Programming Librarian

Image source: "Your victory garden counts more than ever!" (United States War Food Administration, 1945) via Northwestern University Library's World War II Posters collection [in the public domain]