Tips to Plan Arts-Based Programs that Support Artists in Your Community

ImageIf you're looking for ideas for arts-based programs, or want to know how your library can better support the arts & artists in your community, the brand-new Library as Incubator Project can help!

The project highlights the ways that libraries and artists can work together, and its website features artists and writers who use libraries in their communities as well as the collections, libraries, and staff that inspire them. The site also includes free-to-share resources for librarians looking to incubate the arts at their libraries. From asking a local writer to participate in a program like this one, to getting kids excited about art through crafts and projects, to making your library into a gallery for local art, the opportunities for libraries to engage with the arts are endless.

Already doing lots to support the arts at your library?  Share your successes by using their Contribute page!

The Library as Incubator Project was created 3 MLIS students at the School of Library and Information Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Read all about it at this Programming Librarian blog post, Incubate Art at Your Library.