Get Free Books for Your Library from RL&LL

ImageMake an appointment to drive to Madison and select free books for your library:

All publicly-funded libraries in Wisconsin are invited to “adopt” materials from the collection of Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning (RL&LL). Whole collections or individual items on a broad range of subject areas in print, VHS, audio-cassette, and microfilm are available. Interested libraries can make an appointment to select items anytime between Thursday, July 28, and Friday, August 12. Contact Patricia Stutz at or 608-224-5380 to schedule an appointment.

Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning is located at 2109 South Stoughton Road, in Madison.  Here's a map & driving directions to find your way there. Here are some testimonials from your colleagues around the state:

  • Y'all have GOT to go to the Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning book giveaway. I literally filled my car with great books, many of them big beautiful art books; but they are giving away books (mostly nonfiction) in every conceivable topic. It's a great way to beef up your collection wherever it's needed. They have the heavy-duty bookends, too. Really, go. ~ Kathi Kemp, Eager Free Public Library, Evansville
  • I stopped by yesterday afternoon on my way home from our SCLS Directors' meeting. Wow! Because of our library's commitment to local history, I was looking for materials on New Glarus and Switzerland - came back with lots of great items that we'll be adding to our collection. They also had a ton of wonderful library professional resources, so I was thrilled to get some of those for our professional collection. I encourage you to contact Christine and make an appointment to stop by if you'll be in the Madison area. It's well worth it. ~ Denise Anton Wright, New Glarus Public Library

Details about the book giveaway:

Libraries are encouraged to come prepared to transfer items personally. Please bring boxes if possible. Small collections may be shipped through the South Central Delivery Service, but we do not want to overburden delivery with major shipments. The average for libraries that have already visited is about 100 items! The content of the collection can be viewed in WISCAT. It is heavily weighted to non-fiction subjects. There are excellent History, Art and Music volumes available. Libraries may print a pick list to make the most of their time and are encouraged to come prepared to transfer items personally. Because RL&LL’s collection is considered state property, certain terms and conditions apply to dispersal. Items selected from our collection cannot be resold through library book sales, nor can they be offered to single non-profit organizations, private libraries, or private citizens. Details on appropriate use of materials selected are available. RL&LL is offering these materials to other Wisconsin libraries as part of a strategic plan to focus resources on programs and services most valued by Wisconsin libraries and library patrons, including BadgerLink, WISCAT/Resource Sharing, the Wisconsin Digital Archive, Found in Wisconsin, BadgerLunch, and BadgerLearn.

If you go, post a comment here to tell everyone what you got!

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