Library Book Sale Options: Prices, Donations, or By the Inch

ImageWhat does your library charge for items on your library's book sales?  Take a look the responses that Robin Yuran (Norfolk Library, Norfolk, CT) got from her post on the PubLib discussion group:

  • "We charge $1.00 for adult hardcover and 50 cents for adult softcover, including trade and mass market paperbacks. Children's books are 50 cents for hardcover and 25 cents for paper. DVDs and CDs are $1.00.  I think we're doing 50 cents on cassettes now, but I'm not sure. Honestly?  I think we could raise our book prices without people squawking." ~ Deb Messling
  • "We also charge $1.00 for adult hardcover and 50 cents for softcover.  However, we do charge 75 cents for trade paperbacks and the trade paperbacks still went fast at our sale in June." "Our DVDs are $2.00 and CDs $1.00.  Cassettes are 50 cents.  Books on disc range from $3 to $6, about 25 cents per disc. Our Friends also separate out the better quality books and sell them a prices that range from $2 to $25 depending on the book.  They also do a Silent Auction with books that are more collector items." ~ Renee Zurn
  • "We charge $1 for everything, except mass market paperbacks, which are 50 cents." "We also do a "clearance sale" on Saturday. I personally think of it as a "please buy it so I don't have to box it up again" sale. I've seen some libraries start this sort of sale in the last hours of the last day, but we don't run the sale into the evening (small town, exhausted volunteers), so we run it from our opening until close. Gets a lot of enthusiasm for the "deal" with a lot of people coming on Friday to get what they want, then coming back on Saturday to get a pile of books just for grins." ~ Chris Ely
  • "We don't set prices. We ask for donations in any amount. We find we make more money doing it this way then when we would price things. Yes, some people will only give us a dime for ten books that were certainly worth more, but other people will give us $20 for a single paperback. It seems to all work out in the library's favor in the end." ~ Jason Grubb
  • "The best price structure I ever saw was ".25 an inch". The book sale was continuous in the basement of the library and the volunteers had rulers attached to the wall. All you had to do was stack up your books to see what your cost is!" ~ Brigida Campos

What works well for your library's book sales?  Have a creative idea to share? Please leave a comment!