15 Fundraising Ideas Worth Trying

ImageHere are fundraising ideas from Wisconsin Small Libraries Section (WISL) programs at past Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries (WAPL) conferences:

  • Create a “wishing well” to drop coins into.
  • Sell raffle tickets for a hot new book (or books) being released.
  • Multicultural fair with food, performances, and artifacts from countries people have lived in or visited.
  • An “ironman” contest, raising funds for the library along with a local fun run/walk/baby crawl.
  • Sell memorial bricks for the library entrance, a garden, or an outdoor bench foundation.
  • Chair affair – Paint used chairs with different themes, then auction off with free pie. (Then auction off leftover pie.)
  • “Build a balloon”  – regular balloon filled with helium, tie with ribbon & anchor with book of choice.
  • Hors d’oeuvre buffet. Tickets $12.50 each. Donated food, raffles. Raised $2000 in a community of 475.
  • Silent auction of seasonally-themed baskets.
  • Teen Advisory Board sells picture frames and cards around Mothers Day.
  • Wii bowling tournament.
  • "Duke Ellington" black tie dinner dance.
  • Wine tasting and crafters bizarre (sic).
  • Donated knitted dishcloths sold at the circ desk for $2.
  • Historical photo ID night – Bring in old photos for community members to identify. Sell refreshments. Work in conjunction with Historical Society.